I am French freelance photographer, based in Paris and speaking french, english and ukrainian. 

 Paris is an incredible adventure with surprises around every corner, dreams-realized, love-found, and full of defining moments. 

Everyone has a story to tell – and photography is one of the tools I use to help tell yours. 

The photography is a way to record life moments and the love enjoy shared with your beloved. The more in love and in the moment you are, the better I can do my job. Your smiles and embraces is my inspiration. Photography is not just my profession, but my passion.

I enjoy the smiles and excitement, not only when I am taking the photos but also later when you are viewing the images. I love working with couples who want photographs that record a story and want to experiment to create beautiful images. I fell in love with being able to capture life, moments full of emotions and feelings through a lens of my camera.

Life is about creating beautiful experiences and sharing those memories with the people we love. Every couple are stars and I strive to showcase it. The way your hands touch, the glint and love in your eyes, the joys shared amongst your family and friends. My camera will find these precious moments and preserve it for you and everyone for all time.







Inna Vlasyuk

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